Expertise and service matter, but more important is the experience of my clients that I am privileged to help them create.


I use an individually tailored, holistic approach to helping people, and base my program for each client on their specific conditions, goals, and nutritional needs.

I am concerned with the overall well-being of my clients and offer much more than supervised exercise. I am able to help people who vary widely in their specific needs, capabilities, and improvement objectives.

Staying healthy and productive during COVID times is essential. Physical activity boosts the immune system, reduces stress hormones, maintains bone density, helps our heart and lungs, and keeps us toned up.

On March 15, 2020 I began Virtual Training and am now able to safely train clients from coast to coast. Many of my clients have expressed relief to find out that it is possible to accomplish their fitness routines at home, and with a few dumbbells and a dining room chair you can accomplish a full-body workout.

I am one of the first Certified Personal Trainers in America, bringing you over four decades of education and experience.

  • 1975: Began training and instructing others (Holiday Spas, California)
  • 1978: Became the First Certified Instructor (Health & Tennis Corp of America)
  • 1979: Competed in the Mr California Bodybuilding competition
  • 1989: Became a UCLA Certified Fitness Instructor
  • 2009: Voted #1 Fitness Instructor (AMI Sun Readers Choice Award)
  • 2009: Launched
  • 2009: Featured in The Observer ‘Health Matters’
  • 2010: Won ‘Small Business of the Year’ Longboat Key, Lido Key, St Armands Key Chamber of Commerce
  • 2011: Featured in Bradenton Herald’s ‘Faces In Health’
  • 2013: Certified in Holistic Nutrition
  • 2015: ASFA Certified in Senior Fitness Instruction
  • 2015: Courses in Metabolic Training, 3 Phase Core Training, & Balancing Hormones through Nutrition
  • 2016: Courses in Using Function to Avoid Dysfunction in Aging
  • 2017: Certified in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • 2017: Courses in Training Fascia- Fibrous Connective Tissue Training
  • 2018: Certified in Functional Anatomy
  • 2019: Certified in Nutrition & Behavior Change
  • 2020: Certified in ‘I Am Ageless Now’
• All Ages and Fitness Levels • Body Toning
• Stress Management • Nutritional Guidance
• Golf • Tennis • Range of Motion
• Balance • Healthy Aging
In the time it takes you to drive to the gym, park, walk in, and reverse that process ~ you could be done with your workout in the comfort and privacy of your home.
I make it as easy as…
1. Your Personal Exercise Prescription
2. Nutritional Guidance
3. A Proud New You!
For a free health consultation, call 941-400-GIFT (4438)

Small Business Of The year

Receipt of the Small Business of the Year Award for 2010 validated my “No Pain. Period!” philosophy which argues that people should feel good- not pain, while they progress.