“Because I am 116 (well, really mid-70s) and exercise-averse (if you don’t count aerobic shopping) my MD husband felt I was in danger of rusting. I told him I was doing Stair-Master because we live in a duplex. He said that in no way counted, so he gave me to Steve. For the first time I’m doing … well, God knows what I’m doing, but I no longer hate exercising, and with Steve’s tailor-made regimen I’m feeling as though there is hope for this historically sedentary old bag.  In other words, if I can train with Steve, anyone can!”

Bev & Marty Greenberg

“Bev and I look most forward to traveling to Longboat Key each winter to reengage the services of probably the best personal trainer in the United States. Steve’s professional manner and ease of explanation totally involves his clients in the process. His knowledge and experience in his subject matter makes him the master of personal fitness. We cannot wait for each session and view Steve’s fees as an investment in our health and future. He expertly pinpoints the exact physical problem and has an immediate and professional remedy. Steve is the best gift you can give yourself for the mind, body and spirit.”

Carolyn M

“After more than 10 years of bone density tests showing osteopenia, my doctor recently reported that my most recent tests showed a marked improvement in bone density. The doctor further explained that an increase in bone density is most unusual in a woman my age. (81) I believe this is most certainly a result of the past five years of strength training with Steve.”

Jack Robinson

“With his deep knowledge of anatomy and conservative approach to exercise and weights, Steve has built both my strength and endurance over a period of months. He’s top notch—a gem of a trainer.”

Jerry Z

“I sure enjoyed your workout sessions last spring at Longboat. At age 65 I thought trying a fitness program may be pushing it, but you made it fun, guided me at a gentle pace, and in approximately 10 sessions I lost at least 5 pounds. I never felt sore and more importantly I looked much better, especially around the middle. Thanks again so much.”


“Steve has changed my life, I feel better, healthier, and more mobile. He is a wonderful person and a fantastic trainer. I have lost 35 pounds in the last 12 weeks thanks to his program.”

Philip Kotler

“You’re the expert on Body Management and I benefited greatly from your course.”

Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine - June 2008

“Get motivated with Steve’s Fitness… Results are rapid, steady, and constant.”

Don Elliott

“Steve, Thanks for everything! Your training, your humor, and overall caring. I enjoy your method of training which makes it enjoyable and worthwhile. Nobody will kick sand in my face again HaHa! Wish you all the best, you deserve it.”

Denise Elliott

“Dear Steve, You are an inspiration! I am eating better, feeling better, and even looking better, thanks to you! I hope to be training with you for many years to come. You are the Best!”

Anna Maria Island Sun - February 18, 2009

Schewe approaches fitness from a holistic point of view. His goal is to design a fitness program that addresses not only improved physical flexibility and endurance, but also nutritional guidance to improve overall health. He teaches simple modifications to lifestyle through resistance training that will improve muscle tone, strengthen bones and reduce weight at a pace that is comfortable and enjoyable.

His focus is on the special needs of the individual relative to his/her health, and he designs a program specifically for them where there are no training numbers to adhere to and no boot camp atmosphere.

rc2009Making fitness fun and improving quality of life is the objective of Steve’s In-Home Fitness.

Pat and Kaye McConnell

“My husband and I began our long needed fitness program with Steve 10 weeks ago. We both have achieved remarkable results in this short period of time, losing weight and inches, plus gaining strength. He is very knowledgeable about the body and nutrition. We trust him completely with our individual programs. I have structural issues with my neck and back and Steve has the ability to address these areas with caution, but strengthening exercises. I am certainly feeling positive results. Steve is fun to work with. He has a great sense of humor and is a very inspiring motivator. We recommend him highly. It’s never too late to get fit!!”


“Steve Schewe was my trainer during the last 5 years I lived in Los Angeles, and that’s the most fit I’ve been in my life. I’ll say this to anyone reading this, because I’ve said it to myself often: if I had any regrets about moving, one was losing Steve.

Steve is a riot to work with, a very bright guy who’s always ready with a smile and a good joke. A firm, but flexible taskmaster, he’s knowledgeable about health, fitness, and physiology, and eager to share what he knows and what he’s learning at any given time.

He’s not one of those trainers who’s intent on making you hurt just to show how miserably out of shape you are. Rather, he’s very careful and makes a point of working with you gradually and monitoring how you’re feeling at all times.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve Schewe, and if you can get to work with him, I have no doubt that he will help you accomplish your fitness goals.


“Steve Schewe was my trainer for seven years in California before he moved to Florida.

I was so happy to see him on the days that I trained. He was always on time and very responsible. Steve had jokes and the conversation was good. Now to the important part. When we first met Steve, he spent two hours talking about diet and how it affects our bodies. Since I had back and knee problems, Steve was always considerate of them and the exercises we did were always done carefully to strengthen those areas.

What can I say? Steve is a great trainer and person. Anyone would be hard put to find a trainer as good as Steve.

Please feel free to call or write if you have any questions.”

Duane Overturf

“I’m very happy to hear you’re doing so well in Florida. I miss working out with you as my coach. You were great and knew just how much to push me to get results without killing me in the process. I haven’t been able to find anyone out here that I like as well as I did working out with you.

The people of Manatee and Sarasota Counties are lucky to have you. Should you need any references to help with the press you’re receiving and add validity to your expertise please feel free to have anyone call me. I would be happy to tell them about my experience working with you as my fitness trainer.”

Neil Reichline

“I’ve worked with many personal trainers over the years. Steve Schewe is by far the best.

He has incredible knowledge of all the aspects of training the body for strength and health. He is absolutely reliable and always focused on your personal needs.

Plus, he’s very funny and a damn wonderful guy. I wish he hadn’t moved to Florida.”

The Bradenton Herald - June 2008

“Having trained hundreds of individuals, UCLA Certified Schewe will educate and motivate.

Penny Perrin, CPA

“Boy I miss you!!!

I got results with you – you motivated me. No trainer that I have used since you has been nearly as effective as you were. I know it would be better if I was able to work out with you.

Glad to see you’re working with people in Florida to achieve a more healthy attitude, lifestyle and physique.